A selection of freely available ...and freely usable, sound creating tools and utilities collected from around the internet.

Sound Libraries

Useful resources, or perhaps even the starting point for a project, these sites can be invaluable. Each lists extensive collections of royalty free and/or open source sounds and samples.

Effects etc., that are free for both commercial and non-commercial use. website

Volunteers record free sounds for the public domain. website

Educational website for all forms of electronic media. website

A growing online database of sound FX. website

"The Encyclopedia of Free Sound Clips". website

Sounds search engine. website

Sound/Audio Software

All listed are Open Source, Freeware or similar. Although not always as comprehensive as commercially available alternatives (with the obviuos exceptions of the likes of Adacity, LMMS, etc), they can, nevertheless, be used to achieve equally professional results.

Well developed and comprehensive audio editing software. Works with ogg vorbis, mp3, wav or aiff file types and contains many features/effects.  website

Comprehensive digital audio workstation with an impressive collection of native instruments.  website

Audio editing software similar, but simpler in use, to Audacity. Perhaps a good 'starter' programme.  website

Dark Wave
A high performance audio workstation/virtual studio for the creation of high quality sound. Equally suitable for beginners and professionals.  website

Analogx have a wide range of very useful utilities and plugins.  website

An experimental software that divides any recording of speech into short segments and then plays them back continuously in randomly order. The resulting 'gibberish' still sounds like speech, but can't be understood anymore. Interesting.  website

Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator
Create interesting, randomly generated audio/soundscapes using audio samples. The Audio Chaos site no longer seems available, but ithe software is still available to download here.  website

This is a virtual mouse-controlled theremin. Unlike a standard analog theremin, which typically has a sinewave oscillator and some basic vibrato, SpaceTheremin lets you choose from six different oscillator types (sine, square, triangle, sinc, saw, and pulse). The same waveforms can also be used for vibrato.  website

Online Tools

Let Them Sing It For You
Here you can type any text and immediately have it converted into audio comprised of chopped samples of the words sung by the famous!. website

Simple, fun music making/composing tool. website

Burnstudios Audiotool
Fairly comprehensive music making/composing tool. website

Oddcast Text to Speech Demo
A whole range of different voices/accents/nationalities to choose from here. website

From Text to Speech
Similar to Oddcast's demo, but with the ability to export as a sound file. website

Interactive mouse/graphical interface controlled composition tool. website

A four track audio sequencer built in Flash, with a 'randomizer' feature. website

projectedNOISE Samples

Samples published by projectedNOISE are released with no restrictions as to use. They can be downloaded as complete sets, in compressed (.zip) format, via the appropriate links below.

Del sample set
.zip download (1.57MB)
Choral sample set
.zip download (1.94MB)
Vibe sample set
.zip download (2.64MB)

Listed Samples will be changed or added to occasionally. If you have samples of your own that you would like to be considered for inclusion here contact Please remember there must be no restrictions on their distribution or use.