"A jet may be perfect for breaking the speed of sound, but a brick is designed to break the speed of silence. Just listen to that quietness"
Jarod Kintz

I am reminded of a friend, from my art school days, who created the simplest 'sound sculpture' by hiding a cassette player, playing the sound of a metronome, under a red house brick standing on end on a crisp white plinth. Beautiful in its simplicity, and all the more perfect for that.

ProjectedNOISE is the natural progression from what was originally the occasional inclusion of sound in my own 3d/sculptural work. These pieces have since become more elaborate, developing the quality of small scale, self contained, installations through the addition of electronic and mechanical elements. Sound has, similarly, developed into a stand alone element in my working, and as such needs a place to be ...projectedNOISE.


ProjectedNOISE is occasionally involved in sound art/design collaborations. Calls for submissions to any such future projects will be announced here and in the a-n (artist newsletter) site's opportunities section. Similarly, should anyone have a project in mind that they would like to involve projectedNOISE in, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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