Selected work from the late 90s to the present day

Software used includes
Acoustica, Audacity, Element, Hydrogen, Ace of Wave, Tuareg Tu2, FlexiMusic Generator and various AnalogX utilities.

Equipment used includes
Yamaha PSR keyboards, circuit bent Casio SA20, Tascam 'Portastudio', Sony TC-D5M field recorder, Philips CDR775 recorder, Numark Mixtrack, Roberts short wave radio, numerous baby alarms, dictaphones and electronic toys.

To experience all subtleties, best listened to through headphones . . .

N O I S E  incorporated into 3d works (interactive sculptures)

N O I S E  as 'landscape' for 3d works

'Sounding Doors' (installation)

'Reproject' (internet radio)

Experimental and ambient  N O I S E


Please feel free to download for non-commercial use (right click, save link as ...or similar). Use is not permitted of any work, complete or in part, for any commercial or profit making application without prior consent. Any non-commercial publication/broadcasting should be attributed, preferably with a link to this site if appropriate. All work composed/produced by Robert Lewis.